Gole Hatti

Gole Hatti was established in the year 1954 by Shri Nathuram Kamboj when they were delivering foods in clay pot to maintain the authentic taste and flavors of the recipes. Now, this shop has become the favorite lunch destinations for people.The recipes are not too oily and spicy so they are light on the stomach. You can taste delicious Chole Bhatura, Dahi Bhallas and along with their special item Chole palak rice which is an excellent amalgamation of spicy and tangy taste. Till now, the shop adheres to tradition and the managers will be continuing to use ancient models of telephone with the ring dialer. The chefs will be preparing the food in open kitchen. The shop has earned the name for its circular shape as it is located at the corner of the main road. It is managed by karthik kamboj and J.P. Kamboj.

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