Annapurna Bhandar

The Annapurna Bhandar is located in chandni chowk and famous for Delicious samosa , Mishti Doi, Cham cham & Sandesh.
In the core of the lively city of Varanasi, where the Ganges Stream streams and otherworldliness consume the space, there’s an unlikely treasure known as Annapurna Bhandar. This interesting little diner is something other than a café; a culinary sanctuary takes special care of the spirit and taste buds of explorers and local people the same.

Annapurna Bhandar is where custom meets advancement. It has been serving valid, delectable Indian dishes for quite a long time, protecting the well-established recipes that have gone down through the ages. From steaming hot pooris with fragrant potato curry to lavish samosas and delicious desserts, each dish is a festival of flavours.
The name “Annapurna” alludes to the goddess of food and sustenance, and the foundation satisfies its name by giving sustenance to both the body and the soul. It’s not only a spot to eat; an encounter interfaces you to the social and gastronomic legacy of India.

Whether you’re a food darling on a culinary experience or a profound searcher investigating Varanasi’s consecrated contributions, Annapurna Bhandar is a must-visit objective. It’s obviously true that the most effective way to encounter a city’s spirit is through its food, and this beguiling restaurant offers a cut of Varanasi’s spirit in each chomp.

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