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      • 60.00

        Achar Gosht is one of the tastiest varieties of gosht you can have. It has an incredible taste and is a favorite among the food lovers.

      • 70.00

        If you are a food lover, then butter chicken is something that you would adore. It is one of the tastiest varieties of Indian chicken dish. It has a unique taste which feels heavenly with flatbread or roti. If you are making it home, then adding a little bit of Shan-e-Delhi’s Butter Chicken Masala will give it the perfect desired taste. The masala is made with the right ingredient for giving chicken butter masala its authentic taste.

      • 60.00

        Just entered home, want to eat something delicious that can be cooked easily and quickly?As far as the spices are concerned you are sorted! Pick this blend add this to the recipe and enjoy a delectable, finger licking chicken curry!

      • 60.00

        The Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the favorite spices of Indians who love to feast on chicken. It has become a staple spice of the Indian population which loves non-veg food. This chicken tikka masala available online at Shan-e-Delhi has a seasoning blend which is mild enough to make the food spicy. It is ideal for those who want to have grilled and roasted chicken. It can also be added to a variety of chicken snacks.

      • 60.00

        Mutton has been a staple non-veg food item of a large number of Indians. If you are bored of the taste of mutton, then why not spice it up with this exotic Mutton Stew / Istow Masala?

      • 40.00

        This blend adds several layers of flavours to the small pieces of lamb. The infusion of spices brings out the succulent taste of meat, a well balanced preparation for a barbecue in your kitchen or backyard tracing back to the Mughal dynasty.

      • 50.00100.00

        This blend recreates the authentic taste of this star dish of the Mughal era. The slow cooked dish (traditionally cooked overnight) with the accurate and perfect ingredients brings the zaayka of purani dilli home. This blend of ours is delicately balanced to get that perfect meat stew to your table. We bring you the tradiotanal taste of the divine, aromatic and velvety Nihari!

      • 70.00

        The Rogan Josh is also known as one of the premiere non-veg food items in India. If you too are on the lookout to prepare a lip-smacking dish of Rogan josh at your home, then you have to opt for the Rogan Josh Masala available exclusively at Shan-e-Delhi.

      • 60.00

        Kebabs are also known as one of the mainstay of the Indian starter cuisines. If you are preparing homemade kebabs in your home, then you have to opt for the Seekh Kabab Masala.

      • 70.00

        A star dish and a favorite around the globe. This blend of shan-e-delhi will help you master the murgh tandoori. Experience the magic with all the flavous of spices infused in the chicken. Order now to make that juicy, succulent flavorful tandoori chicken with a beautiful smoky aroma!

      • 60.00

        A popular and a luxurious delicacy enjoyed on special occasions. This rice based royal delicacy takes some time and expertise for the perfect outcome. Shan-E-delhi brings the ideal tatse to your table with this blend, the artfully balanced exotic spices with a mix of ingredients (vegetarian/ non vegetarian) will lift your day in the most fascinating way!

      • 60.00

        This chicken or fish fry masala is ideal for those who love to eat non-veg food items. Now add that much needed delight into your evening snack or main course meal with this Indian spice exclusively available at Shan-e-Delhi.