Shiv Misthan Bhandar

Shiv Mishtan Bhandar is one of the legendary shop in Chandini Chowk. It has been around us from 1910 recognized for a wide range of sweets and snacks in Rajasthani style made in PURE DESI GHEE. Many sweets and snacks from this shop have graced the tables of LK Advani, AB Vajpayee and Indira Gandhi. The flaky kachoris and samosas prepared in this shop have been the all-time favorite for many people.Few of its signature dishes are must try: Bedmi Poori served with Aloo ki Sabzi along with spicy Methi ki Chutney & Choley, Halwa Nagori with Crispy Poori, Jalebi, Imarti. Their jalebi is acclaimed to be next only to the most famous Jalebiwala but many have lost their heart and soul to the crispness of their Jalebi claiming it to be The Best.

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